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Too many photographers consider themselves artists. Your number one responsibility to your clients, is to BE IN BUSINESS WHEN THEY NEED YOU. There are TONS of learning resources online, in case you do not want to go back to college. One of them is There you can learn simple accounting and macro/micro economic principles and other business fundamentals. Another course I would strongly suggest, is that of sales. Some call prostitution the oldest profession in the world, but in all reality, SALES is the oldest profession. Try learning something new for your business at least once a month if not once a week. If you can learn 20-30 new business principles this year, imagine your success next year!

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Just about every photographer I know has their own business. Most get into it for the art and the love of photography, but there’s no denying that an entrepreneurial spirit is required as well. For the business to succeed, these two personas – the photographer and the entrepreneur – must come together into what I like to call a “photogrepreneur.”

Why is This Important?

As a small business owner, your success depends on your ability to do more than capture and deliver beautiful images.  There are a wide range of things that have to get done for any business to survive, and the smaller the business, the more the business owner must take on themselves.

Photographers love their art – it is why they do what they do.  And while it may be hard to truly love a cash flow analysis or marketing plans, these are just as important to the…

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