target practice

Set goals and targets!

Thank you for viewing the new blog. I really appreciate it and hope that you will appreciate the information that will be posted over the coming weeks and months. This is my offering to you. B2B, or in other words Business to Business.

I wanted to do a B2B blog, by having a forum to share information with other entrepreneurs and talent based business. With a new year, we have new goals and resolutions. I will forego the expected of more clients and growth, because those are general goals.

I ask of you, my readers to not make business resolutions, but make good business goals. A good goal should be something that is attainable, qualitative, and measurable. It is not enough to say I want more customers, but put a target on those customers. Will you like to have 20, 200, or 2000 more customers? Or would you like to have 5 more contracts over “x” amount of dollars?  Place a measurement on your goals.

Another thing I would challenge you to do this year is to place deadlines on yourself and your goals. Add some sort of punishment for failing to meet the deadline, or some sort of reward. For example, if you set a Friday deadline to meet a goal, and you meet it by Wednesday or Thursday, consider taking Friday afternoon “off” if possible and spend that time with either family, or a significant other, or even playing “hookie” at a ball game or something. At best, give your mind a break and do some “professional grazing.” Be inspired by others in your industry and see what they are doing. See where you can improve on your work flow. The opposite of this scenario is if its Friday afternoon and work is still incomplete. “Fine” yourself for the overage, AND come in on the Saturday and work the weekend until you complete the assignment. You will soon come to find yourself working more efficient than before.

I mentioned a term, “professional grazing,” which I heard from a fellow photographer, Garrett Nudd. I have always believed you should “feed your head daily.” Take aside one hour a week, and LEARN something new about your job or industry. Sharpen your mental axe by giving your brain food so it can grow and expand.

Last but not least, I want you to remove your focus from the destination of the goal and focus more on the process, on the how. If you were planning a road trip to Los Angeles from Jacksonville, Florida, it would be easy to say just hop on Interstate-10 and keep going until you get there. But without the map, you may see a sign that says LA and stop in Louisiana! Or without forethought, you may not plan for fuel stops, or rest stops. Money would be a consideration, also would “stay on I-10” be the fastest way? Or would it be faster taking multiple highways which, while being longer, may have higher speed limits and less traffic?

Anyone who has ever baked a cake, especially, cheesecake, knows that the process is crucial to the end result. What ingredients are added at certain temperatures and in certain orders may be the difference between pass or fail. So I challenge you all to consider the process along with the consideration of your goals.

I wish you all a great 2011!