Too many photographers consider themselves artists. Your number one responsibility to your clients, is to BE IN BUSINESS WHEN THEY NEED YOU. There are TONS of learning resources online, in case you do not want to go back to college. One of them is There you can learn simple accounting and macro/micro economic principles and other business fundamentals. Another course I would strongly suggest, is that of sales. Some call prostitution the oldest profession in the world, but in all reality, SALES is the oldest profession. Try learning something new for your business at least once a month if not once a week. If you can learn 20-30 new business principles this year, imagine your success next year!

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Just about every photographer I know has their own business. Most get into it for the art and the love of photography, but there’s no denying that an entrepreneurial spirit is required as well. For the business to succeed, these two personas – the photographer and the entrepreneur – must come together into what I like to call a “photogrepreneur.”

Why is This Important?

As a small business owner, your success depends on your ability to do more than capture and deliver beautiful images.  There are a wide range of things that have to get done for any business to survive, and the smaller the business, the more the business owner must take on themselves.

Photographers love their art – it is why they do what they do.  And while it may be hard to truly love a cash flow analysis or marketing plans, these are just as important to the…

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Be Mindful While Tweeting and Posting.

Great post and tips!

How To Use A Bounce Flash, Part One: The Basics INTRODUCTION: Are you getting the most out of your bounce flash?  Or does it sit unused in your bag because you're just not comfortable with it yet?  Using a bounce flash correctly can really take your photography up to the next level.  The bounce flash is a great tool for overcoming challenging lighting situations and can also add great depth and life-like three-dimensionality to your images.  Let's consider this blog a reboot on getting to know … Read More

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A Word of Encouragement for Photographers Who Find Themselves on Hard Times EDITOR's NOTE: Cross-posted at Is there a bear sitting between you and your boat? Be patient. Things change. I spent a few hours with a friend last week who has fallen on hard times. He's lost his job, his home and his girlfriend. Many of his old "friends" have abandoned him since he no longer can … Read More

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The lesson learned was that while we should anticipate clients needs, lets not assume that we know what they need more than they do.

This is great for today’s Marketing and Motivation Monday. Jeff is kind of the YODA when it comes to being a Jedi at YOUniqueness. I can’t wait for him to come into town with his startup strategy workshop on March 25th. Register now and save $50!

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Customers are wrong, don't listen When asked, customers will usually tell you that they'd like "more choices" as something that would motivate them to "buy more." On the surface, that logic sounds right. It ain't. Did you know that the more choices you have on your website, the more business you are losing? Its a well-documented behavior that when you give people too many choices, they just stop buying. Its called, "Choice paralysis" (a malady closely related to the business' dis … Read More

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The Yoda man himself! I can’t wait until he comes back to Jax!

3 steps to stop your photo biz from burning you out I believe that successful artist-based businesses like professional photography is a mix of performance and production art, with something like wedding photography having the largest dependency on a great performance for it to achieve success (i.e. meeting a customer's expectations, both spoken and unspoken). I'll talk specifically about how to define this Unique Sales Position (I call this YOUniqueness) in a future post, but for now I think it i … Read More


I wanted to give a quick moment to a pioneer in the health and wellness industry who has passed. Jack Lalanne. The guy was not only years, but DECADES before the tide. He will be missed!

I just LOVE Jeff’s focus on business.

A primary benefit of Startup Strategy workshops is in the name: PhotoBiz Clarity.  Why?  Because you need clarity to create achievable goals and strategies for your business, and I want every artist-based business to succeed using goal-based strategies. (That's MY business goal, BTW) CLARITY CREATES SAFETY Bottom line is that it's really about feeding your family, your business demands and your artistic desires. This comes from learning how to en … Read More


I have seen a growing trend lately in small business and entrepreneurships of the lack of understanding when it comes to opportunity costs. As defined:

The cost of an alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action. Put another way, the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action.

When I decided to get out of the Navy in July of 2010, I made a decision that it would have been better for me to get out at that time, and finish my undergraduate degree, than to have stayed in at the time. The pay that was forgone during this time to date, is about $25,000. To me, that was a great deal of money and income to lose. I felt that by finishing my undergrad, the income that I would be able to earn within the next 5 years by having a degree, would GREATLY outweigh the money that I left.

Now today, I have an opportunity to fly, and make a considerable income increase, because of my Bachelors degree. Now I am faced with another decision. Whether or not to put my business pursuit on hold for a year or so so that I can pursue a personal ambition. While the personal ambition will greatly compensate me while I am away, the greatest cost that I will forgo is my brand image.

I was reminded that I have been in Jacksonville, Florida only a little over a year and a half. In that time, as a brand, I have accomplished recognition that some haven’t in 5 or 10 years. Not saying that to brag, but saying that is an enviable position to be in, and can be a costly lost. It allows the opportunity for others to move into my position in the market. So is the cost of one or the other worth it?

That is the choice that we are forced to make every day. Do we want this, or do we want that. The understanding that every decision we make takes the place of another is a powerful tool in decision-making. Often, many businesses jump over dollars to save quarters. They feel they cannot afford to hire, advertise, offer a better product, until they are at a certain level, but fail to realize the failure to do so, may be the most costly decision in the long run.

Even in our personal lives, we make this decision when it comes to friends, relationships, education. The more information that is available to make a decision the easier the process can be. So when making a decision, its more than just heads or tails, it may be all in the ability to see the values of the outcomes.

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